Registry Addition

The American Holsteiner Horse Association has announced that it will accept the results of the NASST in the path of their individual stallion approval requirements. The AHHS joins the following registries in accepting the results: The American Hanoverian Society & American Rhineland Studbook, The Hanoverian Verband, The Oldenburg Verband & Weser Ems, Westfalen NA/RPSI Each registry has its own Stallion Sport Test scoring requirements and path to approval. Please contact them for more information.

Additions to NASST website

The FN Stallion Sport Test individual jumping courses for four, five, and six year old stallions have been translated and posted to the NASST website under stallion owner information.. These jumping courses will be ridden by the stallion's trainer according to the age of the stallion. The site stallion test-rider will ride the Four Year Old pattern at the age appropriate height. Also posted to the site on the owners page is the Hilltop Stabling Registration Guidelines and Reservation Form .

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