Dr. Christmann reports: Stallion Sport Test in the US in 2018

For the second time the Stallion Sport test for sport horse stallions was carried out in the USA. The first station was Hilltop Farm in Maryland, which over the years has become one of the most important centers for breeding and sport in the USA. Nine stallions competed in the three-day test, seven in dressage and two in jumping. With 5 stallions Hanover had the most test candidates, two came from Oldenburg, one from the Rhineland and one from the KWPN Studbook. Leslie Waterman from Franklin, Tennessee, who had two stallions at the start, both ridden by Emily Miles, Kansas, achieved a great success and finished first and second. The winner was the four-year-old dark chestnut Rhineland stalli

Final Results for the 2018 NA Stallion Sport Tests

The second annual North American Stallion Sport Tests wrapped up this past week in California. Our distinguished panel of judges and officials were: Gerd Sickinger: FN approved Judge for both Dressage & Jumping Sport Tests, Matthias Granzow: FN approved Judge for both Dressage & Jumping Sport Tests, Ulrich Henschke: Discipline Expert (Dressage) & Steward (Show Jumping), Sebastian Rohde: Discipline Expert (Show Jumping) & Steward (Dressage,) Marion Ostmeyer: Guest Rider (Jumping) and Jessica Wisdom: Guest Rider (Dressage). Fifteen stallions were entered, ten on the east coast, and five stallions for the west coast. There were three stallions that withdrew prior to the start of the testing

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