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The FN Stallion Sport Test individual jumping courses for four, five, and six year old stallions have been translated and posted to the NASST website.

These jumping courses will be ridden by the stallion's trainer according to the age of the stallion. The site stallion test-rider will ride the Four Year Old Test.

Issues are being finalized, and information continues to pour in. The website has been updated to reflect the following:

  • Application for 2017 NASST, East Coast and West Coast

  • Liability Release for 2017 NASST

  • List of registries recognizing NASST Results (more to come)

  • Discount Car Rental offer from Hertz

Keep checking back on for the latest!

North American Stallion Sport Test LLC announced today that the Guildelines for stallion owners have been released. This includes the guidelines for pony stallions. This document is available to the public on the NASST webpage, under Stallion Owner Information.

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