Inaugural Stallion Sport Test - A Great Success!

by Edgar Schutte, President, American Hanoverian Society

We are pleased to report the inaugural North American Stallion Sport Testing was a great

success coast to coast. The ten stallion participants (5 on the West Coast, 5 on the East Coast) were positive and appreciative of this new option. The stallion owners and their connections respected the test and had overwhelmingly favorable comments to give about the experience - both in person and over social media. In fact, the reaction on social media was uniformly encouraging, and included spectators and interested individuals who have been watching this process from afar.

Spectator attendance was very encouraging, with around 100 interested breeders and riders on both coasts. NASST could not have asked for better hosts than owner Jane MacElree and General Manager Natalie DiBerardinis at Hilltop Farm, Inc in Maryland. I had the pleasure of attending the West Coast Test in Solvang, CA. Buffy and Rick Oas at Pollyrich Farms truly outdid themselves. Their farm was immaculate, and jumps freshly painted. They welcomed all who came, providing everyone with coffee, pastries, drinks and a sandwich lunch. The optional and modestly-priced Saturday evening dinner event included wine pouring from 4 local wineries, and a delicious catered dinner for 80 guests, a raffle and an opportunity for Holly Simenson and myself to give some history about the contribution that was made by both the German Oldenburg Verband and AHS in establishing this organization/test.

The AHS was well represented by Natalie on the East and by Meg Williams keeping us all straight in the West. Hugh Bellis-Jones did a great job administering the NASST LLC from our office which was at times no easy feat. Ludwig Christmann from the Hanoverian Verband worked his heart out connecting owners, riders and judges and plugged in the test scores. Detailed comments were given after each ride and scores announced the moment the ride had completed.

The stallions were mostly all well prepared, and the test riders did an excellent job to the satisfaction of owners, spectators and judges. The camaraderie was palpable, and both tests were drama-free zones. The positive response to this first go has resulted in ten stallion owners who have expressed their commitment to next year’s test, as well as several others who have expressed interest as a direct result of watching this years. Our distinguished panel of judges and officials were: Gerd Sickinger: FN approved Judge for both Dressage & Jumping Sport Tests, Dieter Stut: FN approved Judge for both Dressage & Jumping Sport Tests, Jurgen Koschel: Discipline Expert (Dressage) & Steward (Show Jumping), Sebastian Rohde: Discipline Expert (Show Jumping) & Steward (Dressage,) Marion Ostmeyer: Guest Rider (Jumping) and Jessica Wisdom: Guest Rider (Dressage). The complete results can be seen at the site: Congratulations to all those who have participated in this important first testing, and to all those individuals who have worked so hard to make this happen.

Best to all -


(Photo of Harvest KWPN (Connaisseur/ Ulft) by Allie Conrad Photography

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